Freckles in the Sun

Freckles in the Sun introduce KamKam and DonDon from [email protected]

Pets@Work make up bagAbout KamKam the cat and DonDon the dog.
KamKam is mischievous, leisurely, curious, creative, dedicated and playful cat whilst DonDon the dog is good natured, loyal, responsible, always on time and hard working, they are great friends.

KamKam and DonDon will delight all with this exciting innovative range of pencil cases, monitor cleaners, mouse mats and zip up purses.

These charming characters, designed by [email protected] are currently available in the UK only at -

Pets@Work KamKam pencil case Pets@Work DonDon 3d pencil case Pets@Work KamKam monitor cleaner Pets@Work DonDon coin purse
KamKam pencil case DonDon 3d pencil case KamKam monitor cleaner DonDon coin purse
For more information, images or to call in samples please contact:

[email protected]
020 7266 4136