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The Detox Kitchen

Last summer I decided to try out a few detox programmes, both for research purposes but also to see if I could feel and look better with the help of carefully designed meals and diet eliminations. I personally find it too difficult to try and follow strict rules and menus on my own, however, with the help of The Detox Kitchen, I found that I could easily follow a diet plan without veering off track.

I was so delighted and impressed with The Detox Kitchen, I have signed up this week to write a day-by-day account of what a week looks and feels like, I recommend you give it a go yourself.

Top Tip: Sign up at The Detox Kitchen on a Friday to start the following Monday.

The Detox Kitchen

Day One

The week begins with a delivery to my door in a gorgeous Detox Kitchen branded jute bag. Upon further inspection inside, I find a delicious breakfast, juice, snack, dinner and dessert.

Breakfast changes each day, although at the start of the week you are given little pots containing probiotic capsules and psyllium husk to last for the week,(above). Psyllium husk, described as a broom that sweeps your colon clean, is a wonderful addition to the menu and plays an important part of the detox.

Today I was excited to find the following for breakfast: A wheatgrass shot, a bottle of carrot, ginger, apple, celery and lemon juice and granola with flaked coconut and pecans. The portion sizes are perfect and as I eat my breakfast, along with my probiotic capsule and my teaspoon of psyllium husk, I feel full and energised and not craving any additional foods or drinks, not even my usual daily latte.

When you begin to feel a little peckish, a small pot containing hazelnuts and a sprig of fresh mint to add to some boiling water offer the perfect distraction.

Lunch is a delicious and tasty blend of pearl barley with roasted butternut squash and rosemary, who knew that so few ingredients could be so delicious?!

By 4pm I am feeling a little tired. Luckily I have a snack pot to offer an energy boost and I am thrilled to find an avocado salad with peppers and iceberg lettuce to keep me going until later. Having read my menu, I know that for dinner I will be tucking into king prawns and matchstick vegetables with a ginger and coriander dressing,(below), followed by a kiwi pot for dessert. I must admit, as this is day one, I am looking forward to dinnertime arriving. My energy levels are dropping and I remember that this is usual for the first two days. The Detox Kitchen suggest plenty of water or peppermint tea to keep you hydrated.

After a delicious dinner, I am ready for bed and already looking forward to seeing what I will find in my delivery tomorrow morning...

Top Tip: Your daily food is delivered very early, be sure to choose a good spot to leave it along with a box for the bag to go into to keep it clean and cool for you.

Day Two

I woke today feeling a little bloated and more tired than usual. I was however delighted to find my Detox Kitchen delivery waiting for me and a peek inside the box did not disappoint. Bircher muesli with raspberry, lime, apple juice and coconut was delicious. My juice of the day was beetroot, celery and apple and helped me to wash down my daily probiotic and psyllium husk. Finished off with my daily shot of wheatgrass, I was soon feeling awake and ready for action.

During the course of the morning my bloating had eased and a fresh ginger tea and some brazil nuts provided the perfect pit stop before my quinoa salad lunch,(above).

Unlike with day one, I did not have any feelings of fatigue today and was not spending the whole day thinking about food, in fact, I did more today than I would normally fit into my average working day.

Dinner was my favourite meal so far, grilled lemon chicken with carrot tagine,(below), and a poached pear for dessert, delicious! 

Day Three

I feel great today, much lighter and more energetic.


My box today contained the following treats:

Breakfast: Breakfast bar with cashew, rice puffs and cinnamon.

Juice: Cucumber, celery, apple and lemon.

Mid Morning Snack: Walnuts.

Lunch: Chickpea and cabbage salad with lemon and coriander dressing.

Afternoon Snack: Broccoli and sesame.

Dinner: Baked ginger salmon with Thai green curry, mixed peppers, courgettes and peas,(below).

Pudding: Raw cacao cake with beetroot and cinnamon.


The portion sizes are perfect and I am surprised just how easy it is to keep to the plan. Dinner this evening surpassed last night's delicious lemon chicken. I will miss these delightful boxes when my Detox Kitchen week ends...

Day Four

The detox is becoming easier and easier by the day. My hair and skin look so healthy and it is even noticeable to friends. The food delivered each day is so delicious that following The Detox Kitchen detox is so simple. Today I was treated to muesli for breakfast, washed down with a deliciously healthy carrot, ginger, beetroot and apple juice. Lunch is an avocado and brown rice salad with a chilli and lime dressing,(above), which I will try and make myself next week, perfect!

A Cajun chicken breast with a sweetcorn and bean salad,(below), finished the day in style. I do not know how The Detox Kitchen manages to come up with so many delicious and healthy meals but they do and very successfully.

Top Tip: The Detox Kitchen recommend plenty of water and say, "A sharper mind, smoother skin and glowing insides start with a simple glass of H20. We recommend you stay well-hydrated by drinking 1.5 litres of water each day. Herbal teas are a great alternative if you want to make water a bit more exciting."

Day Five

It is my last day on the protein package detox and having lost a dress size, I wish I were staying on it for longer. I feel lighter, whilst my skin looks brighter and my hair shinier. Having followed the detox religiously for the past five days, I can only report how easy it is to follow and how impressed I am with the results, not forgetting how delicious it all is.


Here is my last day's menu:

Breakfast: Porridge oats with raisin and cinnamon.

Juice: Pear, carrot, apple and lemon.

Mid Morning Snack: Hazelnuts.

Lunch: Quinoa and lentils with a pea, mange tout, spinach and hazelnut salad,(above).

Afternoon Snack: Edamame with toasted sesame and lemon.

Dinner: Salmon and rice fish cake with a tomato and bean stew,(below).

Pudding: Apple and raspberry crumble.


Try The Detox Kitchen for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Read our interview with The Detox Kitchen founder, Lily Simpson, here.