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Freckles Thoughts

My New York Trip

The apartment was really good, especially as we went for a big food shop and got loads of American treats such as peanut butter Oreo's, Goober Grape jelly and many cereals. We could then wake up whenever we wanted (due to jet lag) and have a delicious breakfast.

On a cold morning it is great to go for a walk along the High Line, it is really nice to go to their cafe and get a soup or hot chocolate and they have seats with great views to relax on while you drink.

The Magnolia Bakery has delicious cakes with amazing butter cream icing (watch them icing the cupcakes in the store), the shop smells amazing and as soon as you walk in the door the sweet smell of cake brings a smile to your face.

The River Cafe had incredible food and the chocolate bridge dessert looked and tasted amazing!

As you walk along Brooklyn Bridge the buildings surrounding you are amazing, look for the twisted building (my favourite) and glass sky scrapers.

The MOMA shop has crazy stationary and wacky gadgets.

I personally love shopping, so SOHO was heaven to me.

The Chocolate by the Bald Man shop was breathtaking, they had pipes with creamy chocolate flowing through them, in white, dark and milk chocolate. I recommend going to this shop and getting a chocolate syringe.

Bloomingdales is always a hit but I love Dylan's Candy Store. It has the biggest array of different sweets starting with candy corn and ending with any sweet you can think of.

By: Freckles (Aged 11)

Times Square NYC
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