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My Europe Trip

It was really fun going on a tour around Europe, we got to discover and visit lots of new and different places. I thoroughly enjoyed the Italy part because it was sunny and we got to go through Switzerland to get there. The mountain route was beautiful and I really enjoyed the car journey, I have never been to Switzerland before so it was great to see it for the first time.

Elba was especially good because the Hotel Hermitage is amazing and we also did some scuba diving which is really fun. There are lots of fish to see there and the water sports at the hotel are great, especially the pedal-lo's with slides that go straight into the sea.

The Italian lakes were beautiful and the sun was always shining wherever we visited, so I recommend going the same time as we did, (July-August). Lake Orta was stunning and the hotel was beautiful.

We did so many things that it is hard to pick a favourite. The aquarium in Genoa was great but my favourite part of the trip was Elba, partly because it was relaxing, sunny and fun with the clubs and activities but also because I love the hotel there and seeing friends again who we meet each year.

By: Freckles (Aged 11)

Aquarium, Genoa, Italy
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