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Freckles Thoughts

My California Trip

California was really fun, we went to loads of exiting and new places.

The hotel was amazing and I remember waking up and putting on fancy dress as they had a dressing up box in the room.

Going around the city in a cable car, and down the steep hills was scary and fun, I really liked to travel that way.

The diner we went to was delicious, the portions are huge so I would recommend sharing with someone.

The cycle ride was a struggle in places but well worth it because it was a great experience and a great memory.

Resting after at Boudin's Bakery with all the sour dough bread and the chowder was delicious, they had loads of bread in different shapes and sizes, my favourites were the animals.

Lake Tahoe was my favourite part of the trip, not only skiing but sledging, that was really fun.

Visiting 'Zoltar' in Monterey was really cool because I had seen it in the movie BIG.

While whale watching it was fun to relax and enjoy the breeze, we saw so many whales, it was incredible.

Universal studios was so fun, that was probably my favourite part of the whole trip, with lake Tahoe, the studio tour was amazing and the Jurassic Park ride was the best!

The dolphins in San Diego were really cute and we got to hand feed and stroke them. Go to the zoo as its the best zoo you'll ever visit!!

To sum up San Francisco i would say it was, amazing, new and really really fun!

By: Freckles (Aged 9)

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