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I have long yearned to find a great yet fun way to stay in shape and I seem to have worked my way through many different fitness classes, fads and gyms trying to find the perfect fix. Although I have spent many years trying, I have never found the perfect solution for me… until now. Living in London with so much choice it can often seem an impossible task when choosing to begin something new. A chance tweet led me in the direction of www.eqvvs.com

After some time navigating myself around the slick Eqvvs website, reading about each trainer and the package options available, I did not have the guts to actually book myself a session. Which package would I go for and which trainer would I choose? They all sound so good…

24 hours later an emailed pinged into my inbox from none other than Eqvvs’ founder, Nicola Addison. Nicola was emailing me as she had seen that I had been perusing the website and wanted to invite me along to the Eqvvs gym in Knightsbridge for a free hour long consultation, who could refuse?

Following our informal chat and a taster of some of the deep lunges I could expect to be practising, I was convinced that changes could be achieved and duly booked myself in for some sessions with Nicola a week later. Unusually, (from my own experience), for a personal training venue, the entire team seem really lovely and all greet you as if you have known them for years, it really is such a relaxed and fun atmosphere, which I found to be uniquely refreshing.

Nicola is one of the best female personal trainers that London has to offer and her excellent dry wit, humour and honesty make the hour long one-to-one training sessions fly by. Each session is different as Nicola, having watched you move at the consultation, will have already pinpointed the problem areas to target and has mapped out each training session to do just that.

I mentioned that I was keen to get beach fit fast so Nicola suggested an ingenious device called a Ki Fit. Worn on your arm like an arm band, the Ki Fit measures how many calories you burn at what time of day, how well you sleep and how many steps you take. Once downloaded it is then clear the areas that need adjusting. Nicola not only helped me decipher the results but has helped change my entire attitude toward what I eat and when to make the training I do, have the maximum effects.

Visiting Eqvvs is like visiting your best friend for a weekly catch up, except you are getting fitter, toned, and more knowledgable with each session, you will also start to feel amazing. Give it a go for yourself, I promise you will be really impressed with the results, I am.

Eqvvs is located 43a Cheval Place, London, SW7 1EW

Nicola Addison, founder of Eqvvs Training answers our top ten questions here…

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