I am still surprised that so many of my UK based friends and colleagues have yet to find out about the delights of Goop. Goop is the creation of Gwyneth Paltrow and whilst it seems to attract some unnecessary negative press here in the UK, don’t let that put you off.  I personally find it really informative, easy to read and so laid back that I actually look forward to the latest newsletter arriving in my inbox.

We as a family have tried many of the recomendations on the ‘Go’ section, I highly recommend checking out the locations that Goop offer tips on before your next trip, New York is a particular favourite of mine. I would never have found out about Sushi Yasuda for example, an amazing sushi restaurant which the kids also loved, top tip!

The tone of the entire website is friendly, sassy and informative and you leave feeling as if the information has been hand picked specifically for you. If my website leaves anyone feeling as informed as I after reading Goop, I will be very happy.

It not only offers advice on travel but also fashion, food, health, the list is endless, check it out for yourself – – you will be delighted that you did!


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