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About Freckles in the Sun

Freckles in the Sun is a travel website for families, like us, who are tired of the usual mundane family holidays offered by tour operators and package deal companies and who want help with planning something different. Busy schedules and family life often means that the required research to put together a trip is not always easy.

Each year we plan a series of adventures and have been travelling as a family in this way successfully for many years now, especially as the kids love it. Friends constantly ask for my advice when they plan their family holidays, so I decided to set up a website to help all like minded travellers taking their 'freckles in the sun'.

To help when making decisions on places to explore with your own children we have included a link on each trip featuring an honest opinion posted by our very own 'freckles' to see what the kids really thought.

To coincide with our regular adventures we will also invite exciting monthly guest speakers to share their family travel experiences with us. Sign up to be the first to receive the latest news and products with our regular newsletters.


With each adventure travelled it just so happens that we find an exciting new product on our way. Whether it is something found by the kids or by us, once home we are repeatedly asked, "where did you get that from?"  

As a new trip is added we will also present a new product to coincide with our latest adventure, often not easily available here in the UK, to buy through our online shop. Exclusives and Best sellers will be available to buy throughout the year.

We launched the site in February 2011 with "our finds" from our trips to San Francisco and New York, Iwona Ludyga and Elsa Chela jewellery, both sourced in New York City have become firm favourites. Solwang textiles were found on our Danish road trip, another best seller. An exciting addition has arrived in the form of the KeepCup. Eco-friendly and available in an array of bright colours, these barista approved coffee cups are an essential for any form of travelling.

Freckles in the Sun will also be inviting leading designers and creatives to design limited edition items for the site. Clements Ribeiro produced our first exclusive and we have more to launch in the coming months...